Hotel Jullundur18

At Hotel Jullundur18, we offer you a varied range of Air-conditioned Rooms to suit all budgets with exceptional architectural decor. Well equipped bathrooms and 24X7 hrs Room Service. Once you enjoy the stay, special menu, fine food, attractive services, certainly you will find reasons to return.

  • Single room
    Family Suite

    Price (Single - Rs. 3850 )(Double - Rs. 3850)
    If you want to feel the royal experience, lodge in the spacious and exclusively designed Luxury Suite with a stunning living and drawing room. Being presented with extreme space and the elegant suite, it corresponds to its antique furnishing and remarkable interior. Stay in the current fashion.

  • Double room

    Price (Single - Rs. 2450 )(Double - Rs. 2850)
    The rooms are warm and friendly atmosphere to make you feel at home. An easy atmosphere with features such as spacious attached bathrooms is equipped with modern shower supplements.

  • Deluxe One-bedroom Suite
    Extra Pax

    Price (Rs.400)
    Additional Individual Or an additional mattress in a Room.

* The room varies in terms of price list depending upon lots of aspects such as services in the room, its furnishing and its location. Ensure yourself to find a room that exactly meets up your demands within your budget.